The Cyder Barn’s Location

The Cyder Barn is located in the village of West Pennard, halfway between the town of Glastonbury and Worthy Farm in Pilton, home of the annual Glastonbury festival. West Pennard is in the Mendip region of Somerset, and incorporates the hamlets of Coxbridge and Woodlands.

West Pennard is home to the church of St Nicholas, plus The Red Lion country inn. The village is a series of residential properties that run along the A361 and Newtown Lane which leads to the church. The Cyder Barn is surrounded by green fields, and is just to the south of a large orchard.

The town of Glastonbury lies just four miles to the west of West Pennard, with all the amenities and services you’d expect from a medium-sized English town.

Also to the west of West Pennard is Glastonbury Tor, a large hill that can be seen for miles around. Atop the hill is the roofless St Michael’s Tower, now a Grade I listed building. The Tor itself was known as ‘Ynys yr Afalon’ (The Isle of Avalon) by the ancient Britons, and was thought by many medieval scholars to be the legendary island that features prominently in Arthurian legend.

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